Exacltly What The Grindr ‘About Me’ Truly States About You

We’ve currently talked about exacltly what the Grindr profile photo claims about you (with homosexual men, a picture is not just worth a 1,000 words—it’s well worth all the statement), but some of us really do take a look at “about myself” pieces on Grindr as well as other several homosexual hookup software. Alas, many men happen to be cryptic and/or straight-up lying in this section, here’s what your Grindr “about me” segment in fact claims with regards to you.

1. “No taps!”

Or some variance thereof. Maybe the guy writes, “Taps tend to be annoying,” or “People just who tap me shall be plugged.” This boy is actually 100% high in himself. Lady, you are really not too very hot. Also, loads of someone, like personally how does once work, only don’t consider the taps. What makes you obtaining all worked-up because someone indicated curiosity about we? Unwind.

2. “No body fat, fems.”

You are the most terrible. You’re junk. That you have bizarre internalized homophobia, femmephobia, and body image issues that you’re removing regarding other gay society. You need to, in regards to our reason plus your site, just halt.

3. “Hung just!”

Yeah, that you are size-queen. That’s. um. which is pretty crystal clear. Useful to you, I guess? You-know-what you wish and you’re setting it up?

4. “Looking in the meantime.”

This would be something you can and really should take at face value. The guy is horny. He is hoping to have sex immediately. If you are as well, go ahead and message him. Verify that it’s a match.

5. “simply searching for periods.”

Maybe you have noticed that the guys which claim they’re best searching for periods and/or anything serious include fundamental to transmit nudes? Some thing fishy is taking place here. Also, what makes one utilizing Grindr whenever there are lots of much better applications which can be targeted further towards internet dating than hooking up? Honestly, I reckon most of these men are in refusal.

6. “Looking for the right person not against a lot of fun on your way.”

This, my personal modest thoughts, will be the champion of all users. It’s straightforward. It’s not judgemental. They enables the boys realize while you are open to possessing anything much more serious, you’re furthermore nonetheless hoping to get installed along the route. I do think this belief can be something that almost all homosexual guys can relate genuinely to.


I don’t understand what the deal due to this are. Seriously, this merely intimidates myself. How come we authorship every bloody part of any HATS. “LOOKING FOR IMMEDIATELY! HORNY! DEMAND people!” indeed, we’re all randy and want a guy. That’s why we’re on the application. Bring a chill medicine.

8. “No [insert competition below].”

You may be racist. It truly is so simple. You need to don’t make an effort to make a case for your very own racism because of the thinly veiled reason of “preferences.” All of us read past that.

9. “reach the PoinT.”

Your are performing crystal clear meth. Which is obvious. You are looking for other folks that do crystal clear meth. I don’t assess, but kindly, the love of God, be careful. And don’t receive other folks on it. That goods, isn’t herb. It’s actually really dangerous.

10. “No photo, no cam.”

This claims a lesser amount of the single on his own who’s this on his profile, but instead, it talks more to your remainder of the gay neighborhood. This should actually be a no-brainer now. Give a damn picture of your self. Of look. Therefore we determine you are true not catfishing us.

11. “Confidential.”

Okay, therefore there’s one exception to this rule into the non photograph, no chatting principle. You’re into anonymous gamble. If that’s the case, that is reasonable. Say such like the visibility. Some men do. It is said they’re wanting to get pounded without seeing the face area. They desire to be nude, ass through to the sleep at the time you come in. (Sounds sorts of horny, no?) simply to take note of, there’s not a chance in hell that all of y’all with blank kinds were into confidential gamble.

12. “Discerning.”

Keep in mind that private is not the same than downlow (DL) or discerning. There are numerous out gay boys who similar to sex anonymously. That’s different than not being fully to the earth.

13. “direct person.”

I’m sad. I’m actually, truly sorry. You’re certainly not immediately. Despite the fact that you’re checking to gather taken or port down with another person, you’re certainly not straight. You’re bisexual. Positive, you might be a whole lot more attracted to lady than men, and this’s absolutely great. But we don’t believe it’s correct to maintain the directly tag if you are cruising to draw prick, you learn?

14. No “about me” section

We don’t believe what you claim topics because a photo deserves 1,000 words. Truthful adequate, although since males do much like the visibility, would it actually eliminate that create a sentence or two?

15. “Send nudes.”

TBH, the shape reads, “Unabashed rear boyfriend whom likes to embrace.” Anyone after that give myself images regarding ripple butts, for the purpose we live. Some folks want to see some nudes. That’s exactly why the two inquire about these people in their profile.

16. An extended, hearty “about me” point

I’m considering something like this, “I like exterior, browsing, and hiking. I have a puppy labradoodle named Selina. Into video games also. Wines. Like things wine…” while obtain the aim. Alright, he seems for some experience of men before this individual will get plowed. How can you fault him?

17. “No BS—tell me what you desire.”

These the male is not just available of chatting continuously. They’re looking to get to the stage. (simply this time, these people can’t need budget T’s, extremely they’re maybe not preaching about crystal meth, they really just want that you mention just what you’re looking for ways to into.)

18. “Sub, interested in Dom very top.”

Therefore, the “about me” doesn’t should be certain for subs. The example i personally use will be explain there are kinksters of all sorts who present exactly what they’re into within “about me” segment. They’re wanting some thing a little bit more amazing than vanilla extract.